My Yellow Future

Today i felt inspired to do a doodle, it was nice!

thinking: maybe i AM okay^^


had fun with my friend today

got the new ‘honey’ jumper

texbooks came from Amazon today (yay sociology and historehhh)

had some noodles KABUTO FOR LAIFU

doodled for the first time in a while

came out! (if i was in the claset any longer, i’m sure i would have found narnia)

bought my 4th mechanical pilot pencil…i’m gonna¬† try not to lose it this time

got a queer bdge and watched an old lady look at me puzzzled XD

had a debate with a desabled man, when i offered my chair and he was to stubborn to comprehend

me and my friend stalked a girl to costa then realised…wait…is this weird?

2 cats welcomed me home! sock and fuzz

realised i’m obsessed with YELLOW

winged eyeliner? not bad

realised i need to go on a diet XD

met a really cute lady bought something out of cuteness