how i knew i wasn’t straight (like noodles *wink*)

Well hello there you lovely gits! (I actually looked up ‘british Slang’ what is life)

So i’m sure you don’t know, i mean your all strangers to me, but…i’m not straight! i would say i’m gay…but on a gaydar, i’d say i was about~ 85% gay, GODDAMMIT, BENEDICT! (i mean, come on XD) i guess i’ve known for a while and looking back into my past of unfortunate events, I’ve always felt something for girls it’s had to explain withLola_pro     -out sounding like a furry, but have you seen sahrk tale? LAYLA OML *inserts photo* (this is a weird format) but anyways WHY ARE THEY SEXUALISING FIS- not…gonna get into it XD


I recently came out to my family as gay, but really i should have come out as human (ew, Abbie cheese) because who cares! why do people need to know who you want to mush your lips on!!? (me, personally i like finger guns #Fingergunsoverbacteria) gay, straight, bisexual, transgender, fur- no. point is~ Love is about feeling pure love and just choice it’s a humane thing, it’s  not about gender who cares about that bruh! just ending this on a nice note: I LOVE MYSELF, EVEN THOUGH I LOOK LIKE A BURNT CHICKEN NUGGET! (LOVE YOU ALL TOO) BE YOU!


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