pizza + inspiration = awesomeness!

well good afternoon to you fellow humans!

Today i’m meeting my grandmother in town, it’s gonna be littt! (ew) I love my grandmother, although she worries a lot towards if i want to visit her or not (of course i do!) i still think of her as a big part in my life and she impacts my decisions in life (but obviously doesn’t make the final decision that’s for me to decide XD)

Today i’m feeling a bit faded, if that’s a feeling yet? on the other hand,¬† i know i need to think positively! since these feeling could seep out if you let them! so imma replace them with rainbows, pizza andddd cats! (speaking of cats, I spent 1 hour yesterday making these two cats be friends after a fight…my life is, eh)

what else…? oh! i’ve come to notice that i just need to be me, i don’t need a label i don’t need to become that label i just need to be me! ‘why don’t you let yourself¬† just be whoever you are’ -Steven universe

news! i ordered some textbooks from amazon and they came today!! imma study like anything!!! but…I scared the postman tho…i was in a rush to answer the door and just came across really creepy…XD oh well!


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