Drama and how NOT to avoid it (in other ways do the opposite of what I do)

hey Bubbas,

As somebody that attempts to fend of drama, yet doing so, welcomes it with open arms…i have a few things you could note down on how not to get caught  up in drama!


Relationships- If you are somebody that is not mentally okay in feeling and understanding them (me) then, it would be sooo much better to by all means get experience in them, but in doing so…don’t hurt people. be honest and know that it’s not just your feelings on the line. relationships in whatever form friendship etc…are SO hard to maintain without drama. But choosing your actions carefully is vital! you may want a peaceful relationship but it doesn’t always work out that way. quote: ‘in order to love yourself, you first, need to love yourself’.

life in general- life isn’t that bad, to survive you need to have a solid goal. you need to know what is right and what is wrong. advice- plan ahead of time. keep an notebook of your events! And just don’t suffer in a pile of pity, get out there life won’t wait for you, is the harsh reality.

being a social butterfly- if you’re like moi, your an introvert, this doesn’t mean you hate people, it just means in some case (mine) you need a break sometimes, you need to take breaks from people (in my case, I sometimes feel so sick that i can’t go outside and lack motivation to do things that would get me outta the slump) A way to avoid this is to have fiend that’ll support you and understand that in this moment you need support you need to be put in a positive mood :3 (ew, cringe) but it’s true, Queen bubba! (no…imma stop now)

SCHOOOOL: to get through school and the pressure of studies and relationships (that link tho) you need to have hobbies and think positive otherwise your going to spiral into complete and utter sadness! (it true tho bruhhh) fcome to the realisation that friends aren’t easy to come across, but you will find ones that are special! if you don’t have any, then get off yo buns and talk! it’s hard, but you won’t regret it!!!

Drama in general- people will misunderstand your actions but that doesn’t matter as long as you are true to your actions and understand them!^^ you are a human, filled with love, respect and loyalty use those precious feeling in the right context!


last thingggggggggg…

I        LOVE          YOU     ALL,     YOU          FABULOUS       HUMANS!



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