random thoughts whilst being bored

well this is something I’ll update as time goes on!

-Right now I’m waiting for the dishwasher to finish engulfing my plates in a soliva that removes dirt and bacteria from the well…plate (nailed it) xD


-Wait…where is my dog? oh, don’t worry she’s lying really close to me. Perfect on a toasty day (jk, love you jazz if your reading this)

-hungryyyyy, should i put a pizza in? or peel POTATOSSSS

-god the washer is so loud i can’t hear the steven universe songssss



-fishes are slimy, ew

-in order to make norms in a video game that don’t comply completely to norms in our society you must discreetly mention them every so often to almost munipulate the gamers to not take a second though and engross them? ugh, i’m so hungry.


-people are awesome

-i love ice tea

-can i spell…no

-i wish i wasn’t so busy

-finished work now, what now? everything is so tiring nobody is there for me today but ehhhh, that’s okay i need to focus on my studies and my life and things that make me happy so i can have what i never did.

-maybe peanut crunch has told toast she wants to be spread on him…maybe toast won’t want butter anymore

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