i’m not feeling the best today…yay?

well hello fellow humans!


it’s BT here, and i’m not feeling the best, I’m meant to be cleaning but it’s hard because i just feel sleepy is that weird? honestly i have so much passion for this blog (i couldn’t log in for a while sorry) buttttt (ha, ‘butt’) i want to become happier so, i’m going to try my hardest! i hope all of you can too!


so what have i been up to? hmmmm, nothing much, i met with a friend and has a roar some ¬†time! his name is Gin! erm…he has cool rabbits lol and…erm i have tests coming up so that’s always fun…:3


I’m currently drawing ¬† A FLAMINGO because why the lump not!?


what else…erm whilst I was out with my friend gin, a couple approached us asked us to join their church, asked for our number we said “NO” (don’t talk to stranger, unless they have candy) …onlyyyy jokin’ don’t do it either way, unless they have hairdo- sorry not funny ;3 anyhow, we said we’ll search them they said we wouldn’t find them, creepy but what happened next was worse…we had to prey…nothing bad, righ- WRONG! we had to repeat ‘satan’ three times…was that a ritual…nope, not gonna think about it…


welp, that’s all! hope i wasn’t too boring!


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