mr prick

one rainy, cold nigh- ew…i’m not gonna say it like that, about a week ago this event came peeking around the corner…I heard my dog barking and there was wrapped up into a small ball a cute ‘fluffy’ hedgehog! i felt bad for it, so i let it take shelter, i put some gloves on and carried it into a spare bedroom, lay it down on spare wallpaper and put my fave fluffy slipper down for it to hid in (it did and it was pure cuteness) anywhoo, i left it in the dark (because yunno, darkness is their thing, get in tune with the discovery channel you lot!) my aunt was the best! she prepared some food for it and since yunno i have a dog we crushed some of her food down (sorry jazz ^__^) and we fed him, at first he was just rolled up but after a while of me and my aunt sitting with him, he started to nibble food of off my index finger (don’t ask) and it was PURE CUTENESS! …a-anywhoo we let it do it thang for a while until it was morning i woke up and my aunt and me ordered my uncle to get so tuna cat food, because they apparently eat that~ and he loved it! i held it for a while and it unraveled and got more comfortable with me…but sadly we knew we couldn’t keep it, so we let out spikey friend go…we came back to see if he was gone and he was…and that was the story of MR PRICK…WE LUV YOU MR PRICK IF YOUR READING THIS (you probably are you English genius)^^ xxxx


-BT (who recently got new glasses, yay!)

( i don’t need the glasses anymore)




























































































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