nice to meet you, I was a wolf in my past life…(immediate thought is “furry”)

welp, hello there…I guess I want to blog my everyday awkward situations and have something solid to look back on and well, cringe…x3

let’s start of on a formal note, my name is BubbaTea! BT for sure (kinda like BTS…i love them) anyway! I’m a fictional character with short pink glossy hair (it’s fabulous) and blue skin…(i should probably go to the doctor about that)  I’m 123 years of age (a life time’s worth of awkward stories…anywhooooo (im an owl)

just to clarify, I’m NOT an owl..(phew, that would have been confusing in the near future) stuffs about me…hmm…oh! in primary school I used to pretend i was a wolf and run around chasing poor innocent bystanders…yep, that happened!

anyway let’s wrap this up like a well, wrap. it’s amazeballs to meet you all, and i hope you don’t cringe at me too much!

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