imma get a job

just a quick one (every relationship i’ve EVER been in) i’m going to get  a job, i need to work my butt cheeks off this year, i’m going to move up sets at school and yeahhh, study hard ya pricks! love ya BT

random thoughts whilst being bored

well this is something I’ll update as time goes on! -Right now I’m waiting for the dishwasher to finish engulfing my plates in a soliva that removes dirt and bacteria from the well…plate (nailed it) xD   -Wait…where is my dog? oh, don’t worry she’s lying really close to me. Perfect on a toasty day […]

i’m not feeling the best today…yay?

well hello fellow humans!   it’s BT here, and i’m not feeling the best, I’m meant to be cleaning but it’s hard because i just feel sleepy is that weird? honestly i have so much passion for this blog (i couldn’t log in for a while sorry) buttttt (ha, ‘butt’) i want to become happier […]

mr prick

one rainy, cold nigh- ew…i’m not gonna say it like that, about a week ago this event came peeking around the corner…I heard my dog barking and there was wrapped up into a small ball a cute ‘fluffy’ hedgehog! i felt bad for it, so i let it take shelter, i put some gloves on […]